Sunday, October 25, 2009


Benjamin, our youngest grandchild, will turn 2 on Halloween and I can't wait to give him this book that tells him just how very important he is to our family. Each page tells Ben why he is important to his family members ... his mom, his dad, his grandparents, his brother, his aunts and uncles, his cousins and his family and friends. Being a board book, it is durable enough for him to look at over and over again ... and as with all Heritage Makers storybooks, it's covered with our heirloom assurance so if Ben gets a little too rough with his book I can send it back and get another one at half price!! This book, as with all the projects made in the studio, is kept on file with Heritage Makers, not my hard drive so I can get copies if I want or if down the road as Ben gets older and wants to replace the damaged worn-out book from his toddler years, we can get a duplicate just like the first one he got on his second birthday!
I love Heritage Makers for many reasons, the most important is to see how happy the storybooks, deck of playing cards, calendars, family folds and so on, make my family when they look at them, but also I love HM because I have my own studio at my fingertips that is here for me to create projects when I want for as long as I want and however I want.
Click on my website, to join the Heritage Makers family and have your own FREE studio to create projects to protect your family's heritage today! It cost nothing to sign on ... it cost nothing to begin a project and if you contact me to buy a credit for a project the company will give you a FREE month of Premier Art ... while you can make some fantastic projects using the Basic Art which is always free, Premier is full of over 40,000 pieces of art to fill your every creative digital storybooking need. Contact me today to find out how you can receive your free month of Premier and get a free gift from Heritage Makers .... also .... while you can order at any time right from my website ... you can save with our special pricing reductions if you order directly from me ... SO CONTACT ME TODAY!!!!

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