Saturday, November 14, 2009

New sales each and every week starting NOW!

A new and exciting sale every week beginning November 14th and going until December 11th.

Giving a Holiday Card this year, just got much easier with Heritage Makers! Not feeling creative? That's okay...we have plenty of gorgeous templates to choose from! Click on the cards below to take a look for yourself!

Don't want to create it yourself? That's okay too! Simply choose the design you want from our template gallery, send me your photos and I will create them for you! How much easier could it get?

Call me TODAY to get your greeting cards at this amazing low price! Hurry, sale ends Monday, November 23rd at 12:00 noon!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Free Calendar Credit to New Consultants!!!!

For a limited time I am offering a FREE CALENDAR CREDIT to any new consultant that signs up on my team!! Not only do you get great options from the consultant kits offered ... like you have two kits to choose from, but in addition to the samples and credits you get with them, you will also get a credit to make your own calendar!

Your E-Kit gives you everything you need to hold several workshops immedietly. It is a great deal and you will earn the money back quickly with the E-Kit! The Business Kit has much more ... plenty to get you going for a half-dozen or more workshops and product samples and credits! You will be able to immedietly make products from your kit and have it in time for your first Workshop! What's even better ... Heritage Makers now offers payment plans for the Business Kit!!! You have the option of paying in full .. which I just know you will earn back quickly with just a few workshops ... or you can pay $150.00 now, then $150 next month or $75.00 for the next two months!!! What a great deal!!!
As soon as your kits arrives you can hold your first workshop ... so I suggest that you book right away, schedule a Grand Opening Workshop inviting some of your friends and family and also get several friends to book workshops for you ... you will be ready as soon as your kit arrives! We offer online classes for you to get all the training you need and I'm here to help you!
The rewards to being a consultant are outstanding ... you pick your own hours ... you choose what days to work ... you are your own boss .... you decide if you want to work your business as a hobby, part-time or full-time ... the choices are yours ... the decision is yours ... it is YOUR business!!!
What could be better than working for a company that Oprah picked for the second year in a row as her best gift giving idea for Christmas!!!!!
Go to my website and join my team ... go to my website and create an account ... go to my website and email me with questions!!! I am your Personal Publishing Consultant and I am here to help!!! I am looking for some great people to be Personal Publishing Consultants on my team ... I'd love to have you as part of my team!
Be part of my Heritage Makers Team today!!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Check out this month's pick of the month ... awesome gift giving idea for Christmas!!

The templates are so easy and awesome, just drag and drop your photos, publish and you will find your calendar at your front door in 7-10 days ... awesome!! The great thing, you can create one design and order as many as you want ... easy yet personalized gifts for family and friends. The difference with our calendars .... they are totally 100% customizable ...use one of our templates that you can change or leave as is or start from scratch to create your own calendar just how you want it. And get this ... if you are a first time Heritage Makers customer and you order through me, Sharon Hodges, your Personal Publishing Consultant, at the company will give you a free month of Premier Art where you can choose from over 40,000 pieces of art in our studio to create your project. And remember, it's free to sign up, free to begin creating, free to work on projects ... you only pay for the product you choose. Contact me for the special price on these calendars and all our products ... of coarse you can buy what you want directly from the site, but if you contact me first via email or through the site you will be able to receive some of the best prices Heritage Makers has to offer!!! Don't delay ... get your personalized Christmas gifts done in time for the holiday shipping deadlines. Have fun preserving your family's heritage ... create your life's story one page at at time!!



Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Advertisements Must Be Working!

I got a call this past weekend from a gal who got my information about Beacon Errand and Concierge from a Cafe close to her house and hired me to walk her dogs for a week while she's out of town. Cool, I thought, that she saw my add and took one and actually called me. So, today, on my first day of walking her dogs, I decided to stop by that little cafe, which actually has really good food!! After contemplating the menu, so many good choices, I ordered and went to take a seat. As I walked by the community bulletin board where about a month earlier I had placed a nice cardstock folder with take away advertisements of what I offer in my business, I noticed the folder was empty!!! WOW .... people are actually taking them !!!! Shocked that they were all gone, I preceded to the car to get more take-a-way 1/4 sheet flyers, but had none ... am replenishing my briefcase and taking some by there tomorrow when I go to walk her dogs. Guess I need to check the other establishments to see how they are doing with my advertisements! I had been getting quite discouraged with the errand and concierge business, although everyone I have talked to loves the unique idea of what I offer, I have not been getting many calls, family and friends really, no outside calls, so getting this call and finding that people are taking the flyers is HUGE!! So I guess I need to devote one day a month to going to the businesses I have put flyers in and replenish what's there and look for new places to put my adds.

Also, today, I received my vinyl window sign for Heritage Makers. It's raining, so I need to wait till it drys and then get it applied. Advertising is new for me, so it's trial and error, but very encouraging to find that people are not only looking at my flyers, but taking them and calling and hiring me!!!
AWESOME ... only up from here!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I know it’s hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner … but it will be here before you know it!! Every year I enjoy making cards to send out to our family and friends for Christmas and this year is no different. I have already begun making our Christmas cards and am having so much fun making them in a different way. I am using the Heritage Makers studio to create personalized cards where I can put pictures of our family or just use the art available making them without photos. I have not decided on a card yet, but am playing around with a couple of ideas. The great thing about Heritage Makers is that you can use a pre-made template in our studio or create from scratch … even the templates are 100% customizable! Some people use the greeting cards while others use the invitations or postcards …. they are all personal … customizable, fun and YOURS!!! The greeting cards and invitations come complete with envelopes and you even have the option of having Heritage Makers mail your cards for you. Time is running out …. Contact me today for information on your personal Christmas Cards this Holiday season!!! Signing up on my website is always free … it costs nothing to begin a project with Heritage Makers. If you like what you see and decide on a project, contact me … price discounts are available when ordering through me instead of straight from the website … also … new customers are rewarded with gifts from the home office … call me today to find out what we have to offer!!!


Benjamin, our youngest grandchild, will turn 2 on Halloween and I can't wait to give him this book that tells him just how very important he is to our family. Each page tells Ben why he is important to his family members ... his mom, his dad, his grandparents, his brother, his aunts and uncles, his cousins and his family and friends. Being a board book, it is durable enough for him to look at over and over again ... and as with all Heritage Makers storybooks, it's covered with our heirloom assurance so if Ben gets a little too rough with his book I can send it back and get another one at half price!! This book, as with all the projects made in the studio, is kept on file with Heritage Makers, not my hard drive so I can get copies if I want or if down the road as Ben gets older and wants to replace the damaged worn-out book from his toddler years, we can get a duplicate just like the first one he got on his second birthday!
I love Heritage Makers for many reasons, the most important is to see how happy the storybooks, deck of playing cards, calendars, family folds and so on, make my family when they look at them, but also I love HM because I have my own studio at my fingertips that is here for me to create projects when I want for as long as I want and however I want.
Click on my website, to join the Heritage Makers family and have your own FREE studio to create projects to protect your family's heritage today! It cost nothing to sign on ... it cost nothing to begin a project and if you contact me to buy a credit for a project the company will give you a FREE month of Premier Art ... while you can make some fantastic projects using the Basic Art which is always free, Premier is full of over 40,000 pieces of art to fill your every creative digital storybooking need. Contact me today to find out how you can receive your free month of Premier and get a free gift from Heritage Makers .... also .... while you can order at any time right from my website ... you can save with our special pricing reductions if you order directly from me ... SO CONTACT ME TODAY!!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

So easy a 7 year old can do it!!

So I have my 6 grandsons over this weekend and we are doing some Halloween projects. Between making candied apples and baking cookies and teaching the 7 & 4 year olds how to eat pomegranates we made these Halloween cards for their parents. Heritage Makers is so easy the 7 year old, Jakeb, did this one all by himself ... just a bit of guidance showing him what to do ... he picked out the art and dragged and dropped, positioned, flipped ... he had a ball making this card for his parents for Halloween. He chose not to put pictures of he and his sister and brother on it ... just scary stuff ... typical 7 year old boy for you!!!! But impressive I must say. He used Premier art for his project.
As you can see all 4 sides of the greeting cards are fully customizable ... and they come with envelopes, of coarse!!!

Christopher, the 4 year old, helped me create this one from he and his little brother for mom and dad. His attention span was quite a bit shorter ... he would come over and quickly choose a design then go play for a while and come back when it was time to pick something else. It took us less than an hour to do both cards! Imagine doing your holiday cards like that ... personalize with your family's photos and write what you want using art of your choice and creating them in a very short time ... then with a click have them all done at once to send out to your holiday card list ... you can even let Heritage Makers do the addressing and mailing for you!!!!!
We created this card using Basic art!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

82 pages of project ideas ... beautiful product descriptions ... helpful hints and more!
There are pages of beautiful product listings ...
A section on about the studio ...
Then page after page of some of the templates Heritage Makers has to offer.
The magazine quality catalogues are available to purchase or free to clients with a $50.00 order.
Contact me today on how you can begin creating Heritage for your family today!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009


This is my new swatch book ... Nanny's book of giggles and grins.
It is a purse packable brag book that can be used as an address book, brag book or flash card set. It has 20 pages, totally customizable! I plan to carry this little baby everywhere I go!! What's better than having a purse size swatch of your favorite people!!! The ideas are limitless on what you can do with this project. Contact me for more details ... you might want to consider holding a Workshop to get some free Heritage Makers products ... you don't even have to live close by ... I offer online workshops for the convenience of sitting at home and connecting with family and friends via computer to see what amazing things you can do with Heritage Makers. Start today preserving your family's heritage by putting photos into storybooks, calendars, a swatch book and more ... the options are endless! I would love to talk to you about a career in Heritage Makers ... you can earn some serious money by working with HM on a part time or full time basis, the choice is yours and the rewards are fablous!
The pages are from my Swatch Book ... below you can see what a finished book looks like.

Contact me today to see how
can help you preserve your heritage and even have a rewarding career.
Independent Personal Publishing Consultant

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Awesome Time For Business Opportunity

Top 10 reasons to become an Independent Personal Publishing Consultant with Heritage Makers!

1. Rewarding way to earn extra money ...

With Heritage Makers you can feel good about your job. You will be actually making money while helping people put their family's stories into print. It is very rewarding to see your clients publish projects about something important in their lives and share with them in their joy as they recieve that special storybook in the mail.

2. Get to help people preserve their family's heritage ...

Time after time I talk with people who are all in the same boat ... they have stories to tell and pictures to share but don't have the time to get them into print. Guiding clients to begin and complete a project in a short period of time with the easy and user friendly Heritage Makers studio and seeing that their family's stories, their heritage is preserved through these projects is an awesome thing for a personal publishing consultant.

3. Help friends and family create some Christmas gifts ...

Now is the perfect time to sign up as a consultant to jump into helping your clients make Christmas cards and precious gifts. No gift from Heritage Makers is ever re-gifted or taken to the thrift store ... they are cherished for years to come!!

4. Earn extra Christmas money ...

How awesome would it be to earn some extra money for Christmas or to pay those after Christmas bills? Come on board with the Heritage Makers family and start earning money now to help with Christmas!!

5. Get to meet new people ...

There's nothing better than meeting new, great people! You can develop some great friendships through the Workshops you conduct and with the family you will meet at HM.

6. Get to set your own business hours ...

As a Personal Publishing Consultant with Heritage Makers, you set your hours, pick the days you want to hold your workshops, decide how much you want to work the business ... it's totally up to you ... you can work it as much or as little as you want ... it's your business and you run it that way!!

7. Are your own boss ...

Totally!!! There are no guidelines telling you how much you have to earn every month, or how many workshops you want to have ... you decide are the boss!!

8. Able to work at a job you are passionate about ...

Once you see the products Heritage Makers offers being passionate about them is easy! Heritage Makers offers high quality products which are at the front door of your client usually within days of it being published. It's a wonderful thing to have a job you are so passionate about!

9. Get to take company trips ...

Heritage Makers has several trips each year where new products are revealed and training for consultants takes place. We as personal publishing consultants have the opportunity to earn points toward these trips sometimes being to go for free!

10. Have a part in building children's self esteem ...

There's nothing better than seeing a child hold a book about them for them! And now Heritage Makers offers board books for the younger children. Being a part of helping your clients build and publish books for and about their children which in turn helps promote positite self esteem in these children is something I'll be glad to be a part of time and time again!

All these reasons and many more are waiting you at Heritage Makers. View the video then contact me with questions ...I'd love to help you become part of the Heritage Makers family!! You can join my team at

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Christopher was at the house today when the first deck of cards I made of my family arrived. He went through each card ... one by one ... laughing at each one! It was such a joy to see his reaction as he looked at picture after picture of him, his brother, his cousins, parents, aunts and uncles and so on! Fifty four cards of fun!!!

The face of each cards is one design.

The reverse side of each card is different.

I made the design of each suit a bit different.

And then each picture is a different one.

You can find templates or design your own.

Each card, each set, all HM products are 100% customizable!

I can even send this set out in an email for you to add your own pictures and get a deck of your very own!!

Order your deck today ... perfect stocking stuffers!!!
Or the perfect gift for that person that has everything!!!!!

Contact me today at

I expanded BEC!!

I am finding that the hardest part of the errand and concierge business is getting the word out about it! My first thoughts were that I would stay close and be able to find clients within a close proximity to my home but am finding that the need to expand to other areas has arrived! Initially the idea of going to the surrounding metro cities did not seem a necessity, but it seems the need is not in our smaller cities closer to home. Having two large metro cities within 30 minutes of my home makes it feasible to expand my services to those areas. So a few weeks ago I decided to make the changes on my website: to reflect that we serve the Hampton Roads area.

Then to further help with publicity, I looked into and joined the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce. Within 4 business days of joining the chamber, I received a call from a company doing a calendar for Va Beach emergency services asking if I would like to include Beacon Errand And Concierge in an ad on this calendar. We decided (my hubby and I) that I would have to spend some money to make money, I am taking the plunge and submitting an ad for this calendar. Having no overhead,the only expense I have is in advertising, so it makes sense to invest in getting the word out.

Things are moving slower than I had hoped for BEC, but with some publicity and now with being a member of the Chamber of Commerce, my hope is that that changes very soon! In the 25 years of daycare I was always able to get the word out and positions were quickly filled, word of mouth spread like wildfire and the need was there, so this is my first experience with having to do some real work at advertising. I hope I am going in the right direction, only time will tell I guess, but that's part of this new venture I've undertaken ... new things ... new challenges!!

Monday, September 28, 2009








Sunday, September 27, 2009

First Digi-Crop a Success!!!


Had my first Digi-Crop today and had 9 people here!! Okay, so two were grandsons just chillin with us for a bit and one was my husband .. but we had fun!! Had some light refreshments .. can I say roast beef and turkey roll-ups are the bomb!!!

I had two new people here through our Scrapless in Portsmouth Meetup group. They were able to get some information on Heritage Makers the company and the products. I enjoyed meeting both of them and hope to have many more opportunities to get togehter with them as we gather to discuss digital storybooking.

My mom was able to get some ideas together about a Family Tree Storybook she wants to work on. I think this prompted her to go home and get those pictures together so we can start working on her project! A friend from church has already finished one project and was able to begin work on another one and got some of her questions answered about the studio. My daughter activated her account, started and FINISHED a project all in one session!!! All-in-all the digi-crop was a huge success in my eyes ... I had fun and that's what counts!!

I have scheduled our next Digi-crop for October 11th and can't wait to get some of my projects in before then so I can share them with the others.

Can I just say ... I LOVE HERITAGE MAKERS!!!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009


That is something you do not hear very often ... but I have to say I REALLY LOVE my jobs!!! Oh, and not just one, but two!! I know they are new, but already I can say that I am feeling incredibly rewarded in working the businesses.

Beacon Errand and Concierge awards me the opportunity to help others ... something I think I was meant to do!! I love going to my neighbor's house and letting their dogs out while they are at work, I love running to the grocery store for the mother of two that is just too busy at her job to pick up what she needs for dinner and I love running by the dry cleaner to pick up the laundry for a couple that is leaving for a trip and doesn't have time to get to the cleaners. I feel empowered when I'm helping others and turning that into a business is an awesome thing!! I named the company Beacon Errand and Concierge with the motto ... let us be the light to your personal lifestyle management needs ... and that's exactly how I feel about it. As a Christian, I feel a blessing from being able to help others which is one of the reasons I had an in-home daycare for over 25 years ... I love children and I love helping others! With BEC I also am rewarded by being able to provide help to others!

Heritage Makers is equally rewarding for me! In a bit of a different way. Heritage is something very important to me for many reasons, but the most important one is that our heritage is something that will fade or be forgotten if we do not preserve it. I lost my father when I was 10 years old and without the stories and photos being put into a life lasting product that my children and their children can see, the heritage of my father would be lost! My father was a pretty important man in our area as an athlete and we have boxes and boxes of photos, newspaper articles, etc about him and his performances, his life, his legacy. But my children and my grandchildren do not really know him, not like I did, not like he should be remembered. But that will change when his "Heritage", his legacy is put into a storybook! So that for one reason is why I became a Heritage Maker consultant! So I can help other families put their stories, their family's heritage into storybooks so their children and their grandchildren will know about the heroes in their family! My hero was my father and I do not want him to be forgotten!! So I love my job with Heritage Makers!! I love being able to share my story and to help others preserve theirs.

And right now is such an exciting time in the life of
Heritage Makers!! We have just introduced some fantastic new products, are unveiling a brand new "studio" October 1st and have some awesome hostess rewards coming up for October!! One great thing about HM too is that you can hold a workshop ONLINE!!! So if someone wants the rewards of earning products by hosting a Workshop, but does not really want to have one in their home ... we can have an online workshop!!! It's as easy as setting a date with me, emailing (and I will do that for you!) friends, family, co-workers and neighbors with the date and link, then we all sit down at our computers in our pj's and watch the workshop right at home!!! So cool!!!! We do NOT even have to live close to one another to do an online workshop!!!
Another wonderful, exciting thing about Heritage Makers is the possibilities offered to anyone wanting to start their own home-based business. You can run your business as a hobby, as a part time job or if you like, do as I'm doing, and run it as a full time business!! It's totally up to you!

But, to finish my thought, let me say again .....


Check out my websites

Beacon Erand and Concierge

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Did You See The Offer To New Consultants?!?!?!?!!!

For a limited time ... free Keepsake Bracelet!!!
Could you use some extra money for Christmas? Are you looking for a part-time job? Maybe you would love a full time career you can run out of your home? Perhaps you would like to have a job that brings in just enough money to help you keep up with your hobby of a Heritage Maker? Whichever serenio fits you ... a Heritage Maker Personal Publishing Consultant could be just for you!!


In addition to the wealth of products and items that come in a Heritage Maker Kit, I am also giving any new consultants that sign up with me (with the business kit) a FREE Heritage Keepsakes Bracelet for your own family photos to share! If this isn't for you BUT you know someone that would be great at what I do, let me know...if they sign up with a business kit, I will give YOU the New Keepsake pendant! The Business Kit is $299.95 and contains more supplies and samples than the Essentials Kit· Many, many more samples and supplies as well as valuable publishing coupons. Over $700 value!!!

*** Business Kit payment plan coming in October!

Essentials Kit is $149.95· Contains supplies and samples· Over $250 value!

Business Kit $269.95 special is extended through September 30th!