Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Advertisements Must Be Working!

I got a call this past weekend from a gal who got my information about Beacon Errand and Concierge from a Cafe close to her house and hired me to walk her dogs for a week while she's out of town. Cool, I thought, that she saw my add and took one and actually called me. So, today, on my first day of walking her dogs, I decided to stop by that little cafe, which actually has really good food!! After contemplating the menu, so many good choices, I ordered and went to take a seat. As I walked by the community bulletin board where about a month earlier I had placed a nice cardstock folder with take away advertisements of what I offer in my business, I noticed the folder was empty!!! WOW .... people are actually taking them !!!! Shocked that they were all gone, I preceded to the car to get more take-a-way 1/4 sheet flyers, but had none ... am replenishing my briefcase and taking some by there tomorrow when I go to walk her dogs. Guess I need to check the other establishments to see how they are doing with my advertisements! I had been getting quite discouraged with the errand and concierge business, although everyone I have talked to loves the unique idea of what I offer, I have not been getting many calls, family and friends really, no outside calls, so getting this call and finding that people are taking the flyers is HUGE!! So I guess I need to devote one day a month to going to the businesses I have put flyers in and replenish what's there and look for new places to put my adds.

Also, today, I received my vinyl window sign for Heritage Makers. It's raining, so I need to wait till it drys and then get it applied. Advertising is new for me, so it's trial and error, but very encouraging to find that people are not only looking at my flyers, but taking them and calling and hiring me!!!
AWESOME ... only up from here!!!

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