Saturday, November 7, 2009

Free Calendar Credit to New Consultants!!!!

For a limited time I am offering a FREE CALENDAR CREDIT to any new consultant that signs up on my team!! Not only do you get great options from the consultant kits offered ... like you have two kits to choose from, but in addition to the samples and credits you get with them, you will also get a credit to make your own calendar!

Your E-Kit gives you everything you need to hold several workshops immedietly. It is a great deal and you will earn the money back quickly with the E-Kit! The Business Kit has much more ... plenty to get you going for a half-dozen or more workshops and product samples and credits! You will be able to immedietly make products from your kit and have it in time for your first Workshop! What's even better ... Heritage Makers now offers payment plans for the Business Kit!!! You have the option of paying in full .. which I just know you will earn back quickly with just a few workshops ... or you can pay $150.00 now, then $150 next month or $75.00 for the next two months!!! What a great deal!!!
As soon as your kits arrives you can hold your first workshop ... so I suggest that you book right away, schedule a Grand Opening Workshop inviting some of your friends and family and also get several friends to book workshops for you ... you will be ready as soon as your kit arrives! We offer online classes for you to get all the training you need and I'm here to help you!
The rewards to being a consultant are outstanding ... you pick your own hours ... you choose what days to work ... you are your own boss .... you decide if you want to work your business as a hobby, part-time or full-time ... the choices are yours ... the decision is yours ... it is YOUR business!!!
What could be better than working for a company that Oprah picked for the second year in a row as her best gift giving idea for Christmas!!!!!
Go to my website and join my team ... go to my website and create an account ... go to my website and email me with questions!!! I am your Personal Publishing Consultant and I am here to help!!! I am looking for some great people to be Personal Publishing Consultants on my team ... I'd love to have you as part of my team!
Be part of my Heritage Makers Team today!!!!!

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